Once upon a time…

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I was a ten year old girl with a BIG dream. I wanted to be a famous Christian author or a famous Christian musician – either one would do – so I could use my talents for God. I wanted to create art that would touch someone’s life.

Only one person mattered back then. Only one person matters now.

And then life happened…

I spent much of my schooling and career around activities that involved writing in some form or another. Writing for the high school newspaper and literary magazine; for a company newsletter; grants for non-profit programs; programme notes for the local symphony orchestra; and finally writing articles about parenting multiples for a volunteer-led magazine.

In 2017, I entered Writer’s Digest Magazine’s 87th Annual Writing Competition in the published magazine article category. I was shocked to receive news that my article had received an honorable mention in the category. Over five thousand entries had been received that year. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that.

It wasn’t until 2018 I wrote my first novel. Harlequin was hosting a romance blitz, inviting aspiring authors to submit a first chapter and synopsis to editors. I read a couple of the books from the clean, sweet line. With encouragement from my husband, I wrote my first chapter and synopsis, and sent it in. To my astonishment, a partial was requested. And then the full.

I was hooked.

In the end, my manuscript was rejected, but the advice given to me was invaluable. It helped me develop my next story, which turned out to be SNOWBOUND IN WINTERBERRY FALLS.

I’m so thankful for God guiding me, and bringing people into my life who have had the courage to critique the good, the bad and the really ugly parts of my stories. I’m a stronger writer because of them.

My journey isn’t over yet – I’m just beginning! I hope you’ll keep me company on the road for many stories to come.


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